Hello! I’m Gerry.

I write strange stories for young audiences.

FYI: Older people are allowed to read them as well.
I’m not the reading police.

Randolph the Christmas Moose: A Yuletide Fable of Empowerment

A young moose finds a new joy in jogging as he trains to be a member of Santa’s sleigh-pulling team. When he’s placed in the workshop loading dock instead (due to his tremendous bulk), Randolph has to use his brains and work-ethic to earn respect at his new job. Loving Healing Press, 2020

About Me, But in Third Person

A former teacher, Gerry Gibson is a writer, filmmaker, soccer coach, and YouTube/podcast host. His initial foray into children’s literature, Randolph the Christmas Moose, is being published by Loving Healing Press in 2020.

Gerry currently lives with his wife, Courtney, his sons, Bennett and Turner, and countless other microorganisms in Winston-Salem, NC.  He writes stories for kids because that’s what he is: a big, grey-haired kid.


The First Review of Randolph is Up!

Very excited to read the first review of Randolph the Christmas Moose! It’s by Wayne S. Walker and he’s posted it on his Home School Book Review Blog. Super appreciative of Wayne’s thoughtful words about our book. Listing the link below. Much love to everyone, and thanks! G. https://homeschoolbookreviewblog.wordpress.com/2020/06/26/randolph-the-christmas-moose-a-yuletide-fable-of-empowerment/

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